The Blessing Business

As a travel agent, I spend a great deal of time on Facebook.  It’s a great resource for me to catch the latest news on the travel destinations in which I specialize.  But, I also see a ton of other content in between.  Some of my favorite posts these days are what I call the “good deed videos”.  Ordinary folks doing extraordinary things-something so important to see in this day and age.  In a recent video, an older gentleman gave an enormous tip to his young server whom he sensed was having a hard day. In addition to the large wad of cash, he also imparted some wisdom to the young man and attempted to explain his motivation for giving.  What he said next caught my attention:

“I’m in the blessing business.”

He was commenting on his desire to provide a blessing to this young man but I immediately thought of how I feel about my business.  I believe in the importance of travel.  How it tests you, teaches you new things about yourself and the world.  How it provides whatever you need at the moment-adventure, reprieve, time together.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to me that your family enjoy your vacation and create lasting memories together. I work very hard to educate myself and stay up to date so that you have all of the information you can handle when traveling to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando or wherever you choose to adventure. And because my commission is already built into your vacation cost (because if it’s not going to me, it’s going to big travel business company that you booked with on your own), you are getting my time, research, and expertise at no additional cost to you.
So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be over here.
In the Blessing Business.