Resort Types

Walt Disney World breaks down their resorts by category: Value, Value Plus, Moderate, Deluxe, and Villas.

Value Resorts

Values are a good choice if you are budget conscious, aren’t concerned with amenities, and really only need a place to sleep at night. Values include double beds, 1 form of transport to the parks, basic pools (no water slides) and 1 quick service restaurant on property. Rooms in these properties sleep 4 guests (plus 1 child under the age of 3).  There are Family Suites available at one of the Value Resorts that will sleep 6 guests (plus 1 child under the age of 3).

Value Plus

Value Plus s a category that came about with the creation of the Art of Animation resort. This property is a sister to Pop Century and is set apart by the other Value resorts with the addition of Family Suites. The Family Suites are the most affordable option for families of 6 who would like to stay in 1 room. The Family Suites have a master bedroom with a queen size bed and 2 double beds in the living area. The Suites feature 2 full bathrooms and also have a kitchenette with small fridge, microwave, and dedicated sink area. The main features (transport, restaurant, pools) are still the same though the details are slightly more upscale befitting the “Plus” distinction.


Moderate resorts typically have queen size beds (some have an additional banquet bed for smaller children), 1 quick service and 1 table service restaurant on property, bigger pools with slides, and 1 (possibly 2) modes of transport on property. Moderates are what they sound like, a good in between of a Value and a Deluxe.  Rooms can typically accommodate up to 5 guests (plus 1 child under 3).


resorts have the most amenities, at least 1 quick service and at least 2 (sometimes more) table service restaurants, bigger pools, and multiple forms of transport to the parks (monorails, buses, and boats). These resorts are typically closest to the theme parks. Rooms can typically accommodate up to 5 guests (plus 1 child under 3).


Villas are the most expensive option and range from Studios to 3 bedroom properties, and typically include kitchens and laundry facilities in the room. For larger families with a big budget, the Villas are a lovely option.

Basic Room Categories: Standard Rooms are the least expensive in each resort; these rooms are typically furthest from the main buildings and have what is considered sub-standard views of parking lots and so forth. Garden/Lake/Pool view type rooms are slightly more expensive and are exactly as they sound. Preferred rooms are slightly more expensive than the G/L/P rooms and may be ideal for families with older travelers or young children as these rooms are typically closest to the main building and transportation.

When you’re not sure what resort type you want, I typically run a quote for a Value, Moderate, and Deluxe so you can see the ball park and get a better idea of what will fit into your budget. When you’re ready to complete your vacation quote, click on the “Begin a Quote” tab at the top of the page. If you know ahead of time what category of resort you would like me to price, you can submit that in one of the “Other” write in categories on the quote request.

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