Travel Dates

The first factor to consider when planning your Walt Disney World vacation is determining when you would prefer to travel and the length of stay. First, let’s address the “when” and a few of the elements that will affect your decision.


Historically, the general rule has been that Disney World is more crowded whenever kids are out of school. Spring break, summer, and the weeks of Christmas/New Year’s are usually going to see the most traffic. Conversely, the last week of August through early October typically see fewer crowds. In an odd twist, last year there were several reports that the summer was less crowded than normal with the fall season seeming much more crowded than years past. My theory for why this would occur is due to the next category.


Generally speaking, vacation prices are higher when crowds are higher. Walt Disney World instituted a more detailed seasonal pricing last year which you can see when looking at 1 day ticket prices. There is almost always some type of promotion offered but the most popular promotion by far is the Fall Free Dining offer. I believe the fall has become more crowded in equal parts because fall has historically been touted as the cheapest and least crowded time to travel. If a promotion is released after you have already booked your vacation, I will do my best to apply that promotion to your existing reservation (pending availability).


The ambiance at Walt Disney World is always spectacular but there are a few periods of the year that are like Walt Disney World on steroids. Spring brings the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, there are special Independence Day shows/fireworks at several parks, and Hollywood Studios has hosted special summer activities over the past few years. The Christmas season is truly amazing, with special parades/fireworks, “snow” in the parks, appearances from Santa and Mrs. Claus, special Christmas snacks, and the Christmas party. The winner for me is the months of September and October. Halloween begins in early September at Walt Disney World and the decorations, costumes, treats, and the Halloween party are so much fun. You can also experience the Epcot Food and Wine Festival during this period with over 30 country’s kiosks serving snack sized portions of yummy food and drinks.


So, we all know Florida is hot. In the summer, it is HOT. The hurricane season is from mid-June through early November so there are more rain showers during this time. Typically you’ll see showers in the early afternoon. Though in the months of September and October, I’ve experienced what I can only describe as a torrential downpour that lasted several hours occurring at all times of day. If you don’t mind donning a poncho, you can get a ton of touring done in a storm as the park will clear out. As long as there is no lightning present, attractions will remain operational. The months of December through March can see cold temperatures in the morning and evening.  So, packing for multiple weather types is recommended during this time.

Length of Stay

There are 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and the Disney Springs area to explore. Ideally, you would give yourself enough time to at least visit the 4 theme parks. I was telling someone recently that our first family Disney World vacation when my son was 2 years old was for 8 nights. While that seems like it might be too long with a child that young, I thought it was a great length because it allowed us to take our time. We were able to rest each day without feeling the need to rush around and try to experience everything. If this will be your first time visiting Walt Disney World (or your first time in a long time), give yourself as much time as your budget allows.

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