Do you remember your first Walt Disney World vacation? If you were a child at the time, odds are that your family made a decision to travel and shortly thereafter arrived at Disney World with very little fuss or fanfare in terms of planning. For better or worse, the days of that kind of Disney planning are over. I will spend the next several blog posts detailing the factors involved in planning your Walt Disney World vacation. This introductory post will serve as an outline and I’ll flesh out the details in subsequent posts.

Optimally, you need to provide yourself at least 7 months to plan your vacation. Why 7? The first major planning deadline for a Walt Disney World vacation comes at 180 days prior to your vacation start date. I’ve tacked on an extra month to make sure that we can research and make decisions in plenty of time to make the 180 day deadline.

If you are more of a last minute kind of traveler, don’t fret too much about this. While some of your desired reservations may be unavailable, travel agents continue to search for your first choices up until the time you travel. We also work non-stop until your plans are complete so that you won’t miss a beat when you arrive. I’ve planned Disney World vacations with only 1 month’s notice.

Here are the other factors that I will detail in future blog posts in this series:

A huge part of my job as your travel agent is to help you determine the best choices for your family vacation in the above categories. Hopefully this series will give you the information you need to make a decision. But, if you need to discuss this further with me to help you decide, I welcome your questions!

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